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What is Ermes Web-Care? Why is it different from traditional Ad Blockers and Antiviruses?


Ermes Web-Care is the only solution that protects you in REAL TIME from attacks on the web.

Unlike traditional antivirus, Ermes Web-Care blocks threats and employs both prevention and protection strategies. Furthermore, Ermes Web-Care blocks Ads to prevent all threats related to malvertising, not only to improve the user experience like Ad Blockers.

On which devices and browsers does Web-Care work?


Ermes Web-Care is available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. At the moment it can only be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs, but we are also working towards making Ermes Web-Care available on Mobile!

Is Web-Care free? How can I cancel my membership?


The free trial lasts for 7 days, then if you like Ermes, at the end of the trial you will not have to do anything: your subscription will continue automatically as long as you want to stay with us. Otherwise, from your Dashboard you can cancel at any time before the end without any charge on your payment method! If you unsubscribe, Ermes Web-Care will remain active for the entire period for which it has already been billed and will not be renewed at its end.

How can I contact the Ermes Web-Care Team?


You can contact our support team by writing an email to .
We will always be ready to help you!